Wild & Sexy ♛

Food boy Daehyun

So true Daehyun, so true xD


RAINSOUNDz Giveaway: B.A.P 4th Japan Single “Excuse Me”

OMG!!! B.A.P! YAY!!!
Jackson being… normal…..

Jackson being… normal…..

markson & dog ;_;

September 4, 1993 HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MARK!!!

September 4, 1993 HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MARK!!!

chocolate abs.. literally

Why are you playing with our minds!?? xD

got7 surprises jackson x x

aww he’s adorable!!

honey water is good for you, especially when it’s 100% honey and 0% water

These dorks….

The truth is revealed

Still adorable tho’ xD

FCK ಠ▃ಠ

Why are you doing this to me Bobby!?