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got married at Gurupop on July 22, 2014~


how is this the same person?

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the similarity between yg artists and trainees: they ‘re all idiots that go nuts

So true xD

Hanbin <3 LMAO 

street • dougie • hiphop

Yugyeomie <3

can you not =.=’

I’m so done….

Q: Jackson may not have any filter but I think he’s a sweetheart. I don’t know if anyone noticed it - Jackson doesn’t call out on other people. When Yerin said Youngjae is not funny, he defused by saying it’s not that he’s not funny, he’s just awkward. When Eric asked who’s the least clean in the dorm, he didn’t offer any name & said that they are all clean. Mark though, said Jr.’s name & Jackson quickly changed the subject to Eric. Jackson talks freely but he’s not gonna put people down readily.

yes, jackson might talk a lot of shit, but you can tell that he is fiercely protective of the ones he love and care about, and that he is a very loyal person, especially to his origin country, hong kong. like in igot7 ep 7, where shinyoung accidentally said that jackson was from taiwan instead of hongkong, he got “mad”. and judging from all his belongings (whether fangiven or not), a large number of them have the numbers 852 (which is HK’s area code). what i’m trying to say is that people can’t just judge him based on what comes out of his mouth, and fail to notice his actions instead.

Jackson please….

Jackson Wang's arms appreciation post (requested by anonymous)

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